The 6 week formal consultation process for the pre-submission (draft) document is now complete

The Steeple Claydon Neighbourhood Plan Team would like to thank everyone who participated in the consultation process. We have already started the analysis of your feedback comments and we will summarise these for you in due course.






The formal Draft Neighbourhood Plan was presented at the February meeting of the Steeple Claydon Parish Council. 

We need your input now!

The draft Neighbourhood Plan will available for you to read and comment on during w/c 20 February 2017. It’s important that you take this opportunity to have your say.

Why? Because:

•We want to develop a Plan that reflects the needs and opinions of the village
•The Plan is still in draft form – we will modify it in the light of comments made
•The Plan will only become an official planning document if a majority of voters support the Plan – if it’s rejected there won’t be a Plan
•Without a Neighbourhood Plan the village will have little protection against planning applications for any development in the village


In a move to give local people the opportunity to influence the development of their communities, the 2011 Localism Act included provision for the development of Neighbourhood Plans. They are designed to give parish and town councils the opportunity to have a say in what development should take place in their local areas.

The local planning authority is required to develop local plans which inform the development of Neighbourhood Plans. In Aylesbury Vale the district council is the planning authority for housing and it is still in the process of developing its local plan. This isn’t expected to become an official document until sometime in 2018. Steeple Claydon Parish Council took the view that it couldn’t wait for the local plan to be completed before beginning work on its Neighbourhood Plan and gave authority for the development of the village plan in early 2015.

Since then AVDC has had a variable approach to considering the content of ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plans (i.e. those that have been developed and voted on by the community), illustrated by the case of a planning application by a national housebuilder in Great Horwood. This was approved by AVDC but overturned on appeal by the Secretary of State on the grounds that the development was in contravention of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The government has since made a number of announcements and decisions demonstrating its commitment to Neighbourhood Plans and we can be confident that, if we have a ‘made’ Plan, it will help to ensure that the development of Steeple Claydon is in line with the wishes of the majority of the village. 


Villagers examine the proposed schemes on Buckingham Road and

Addison Road at the public exhibition in November. Members of the

team were on hand to answer questions about the plan. 




We’ve developed a summary of the current village issues, including the results of the questionnaire.


It explains how we have consulted the residents, invited you to join the team, the events we’ve held and how we have used the information we gathered.


At the heart of the Plan are its policies. These are based on the team’s work looking at potential development sites, the protection of green spaces and consideration of the type and style of development that we might see in the village.

There are eight policies:

1 – Defining the Steeple Claydon settlement boundary

2 – Proposed development on Molly’s Field off Addison Road

3 – The development of the Co-Op site on West Street

4 – The GP Surgery site on Vicarage Lane

5 – Land on Queen Catherine Road near the church

6 – Local Green Spaces

7 – Community Assets

8 – Design



Annexes to the Plan

The Plan includes a number of Annexes including the original Vision Paper, details of the questionnaire, analysis of the results and details of the policies.

Green Spaces report

We have identified six sites which we are proposing to designate as Green Spaces. This gives sites such as the allotments protection from development. Do you agree with the sites we’ve identified? Let us know!

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

We’ve developed the SEA to demonstrate that proposals in the plan won’t have a significant  adverse impact on the village environment and looks at issues including wildlife, flood risk, village infrastructure and heritage. Do you agree with it?



The development of the plan has identified a variety of issues that the village is concerned about that are not covered in the plan. The Parish Council will be working to ensure these are included in its strategic planning for the village.



There is a clearly defined process to ensure that Neighbourhood Plans are developed consistently and in line with the requirements of the legislation.

There are five formal stages to the process:

1- Evidence gathering and visioning

2 - Development of the pre-submission plan (draft plan for consultation)

3 - Submission plan (taking account of the consultation feedback)

4 - Examination

5 - Referendum

Stages 1, 2 and 3 are carried out by the Neighbourhood Plan team. Stages 4 and 5 are undertaken by AVDC. We are getting ready for Stage 3.

We have taken a long time to gather evidence and collect opinions from the village about what you want. This culminated in the public consultation events which took place last November including the village questionnaire, public meetings and a public exhibition to give people the chance to give us their opinion. 



Your opinion counts

The next stage of consultation gives you the chance to comment on the draft plan to let us know what you agree with and what you’d like to see changed.

We will take your comments into consideration as we prepare the formal draft plan for presentation to AVDC.

You have the opportunity to comment on the Plan. It will be published on 20 February and you have six weeks to let us have your comments. You will receive a summary of the plan and details of how to submit your comments at the start of the consultation period.


We will modify the plan in the light of comments and submit it formally to AVDC. Following a six week period of publicity, they will arrange for an independent examination of the plan. The examiner will be looking to make sure the plan is consistent with planning legislation.


If the plan is approved by the examiner, AVDC will organise the public referendum. If the majority of people vote in favour of the plan it will then be formally ‘made’, giving it official status in the future development of the village.


Contact Information

Clerk to Steeple Claydon Parish Council

07745 349101