Submission Documents - 30 May 2017

We are pleased to confirm that we have today submitted the formal version of the Steeple Claydon Neighbourhood Plan (known as the ‘Regulation 16 Stage) and its supporting documents to AVDC for their action.  

They are now responsible for checking it, consulting with the consultees (again!), appointing an Examiner, and, if approved by the Examiner, conducting a referendum. We expect this will be in September.  

We are really grateful to everyone who has helped and supported the team in so many ways. 

An electronic copy of the plan and supporting documents can be found in our document repository.  Hard copies of all the documents will be available in the library from Thursday, and a couple of copies of the Plan will be available at the Post Office.




Contact Information

Clerk to Steeple Claydon Parish Council

07745 349101